…do unto others…


With all of the backlash about not allowing Syrian refugees into our country because of the possibility of some of the terrorists infiltrating the people who ran with their spouses and babies in the clothes they wore, risking life and limb to escape not only the swinging swords of the extremists, but also the retaliating bombs pulverizing the geography around them to rubble,  I can’t but wonder what anyone in equally volatile conditions would do but run.

Today I saw on France 24, a news program, a mural by the British graffiti artist, Bansky, which he painted on a wall at the entrance of the immigrant camp in Calais, France. He portrayed the late Steve Jobs as a refugee. Steve’s father was a Syrian immigrant to the United States. According to an article by Pierre Savary, France intends to protect the painting. I can’t begin to imagine the lack of such a once in a century talent as Steve Jobs, if he had not grown up in this country.

In the parable about the enemy who sowed weeds into the field of wheat (Matthew 13:24-) the Master of the fields said when asked by a servant if he should pull the weeds out,  something like, no, don’t pull the weeds, we’ll harvest all and separate the weeds from the grain and burn the weeds…

We cannot shut the door out of fear, in the face of the masses fleeing for their lives. There will most certainly be some weeds among the grain, but the expertise existing in this country, which we are now sharing with other countries to combat terrorists is probably the best in the world.   Let us not turn away all in need. This country has been built on the backs of the immigrants from all around the globe for hundreds of years.


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