State of the world


The state of the world you say, with disdain. How would I describe the state of the world, a sorry task, indeed. Since the time of Cain and Abel there has been the kind of envy that leads to crime. So how is it that for all time the have nots have been trying to steal from the haves, even if that means wars and brutality to get what they cannot or will not earn for themselves.

Equally as old as humanity has been religion which has tried to prevent the horrors of crimes by striving to herd folks along the straight and narrow road, but the world stopped listening, stopped believing in higher powers, in the immortality of their souls.

The story of good versus evil is refashioned and retold repeatedly to spellbound audiences and while good always triumphs and those who live by the sword, die by the sword is old news, the battle rages on through tens of thousands of years always at enormous costs in lives cut short.

Greed is not always just for things or riches but also for power. The ruthless behavior of many powerful leaders throughout history, from the first emperor of China who united the warring states into one country by manipulating his subjects with his cruelty (as detailed in a PBS documentary) to the likes of Henry the Eighth who rampaged throughout the United Kingdom, destroying monasteries, convents and churches, killing as if he thought he was indestructible. As if he would never have to answer for his actions.

In his Paradise Lost, Milton suggests that the devil is always trying to figure out a way to escape from hell. While I imagine there was no record of all the innocent people mowed down by all of the unscrupulous maniacs imposing their muscle and weapons to rule the masses, I expect that the universe does know the names of every one of its beloved children who died so needlessly.

We are confronted daily with news of terrorist attacks and of the crazed actions of other deranged or misled individuals, enfants terrible, or lost souls, themselves victims of vacuous lives and easily influenced by the apparent power of groups hell-bent on wreaking havoc and shedding blood of anyone not affiliated with their own warped views.

Many years ago my father spoke of mob-psychology. How groups easily get riled up by one or a few who are shouting slogans, whether it was the crowd in front of Pontius Pilate shouting …crucify him! Or a lynching mob not quite so long ago here in America, the land of the free.

Eventually the criminals against humanity pay the ultimate price, their reigns expire and their mortal remains are dropped into the ground. The damage they have done is irreparable and there is no bringing back the slain. What comfort for the loved ones to carry on with their lives bearing the great heartaches they are left with.

The state of the world with its seven billion people fast forwarding toward nine billion is precarious, in my opinion. Far louder voices than mine have cried out warnings, have preached from pulpits, have begged for changes, and yet who is listening?


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