Wintry Mix


A light rain was falling when I left the house yesterday and by the time I got out of my car at church the rain turned into tiny balls of snow – not really hail, what the weather people call a wintry mix falling so lightly, I looked at my jacket front first then the sky to confirm what I was seeing. I gingerly climbed the stairs to the side door and ducked into entry way. A woman down the pew from me said in a tone of complete disbelief that it was hailing outside.

When Diane and Kay arrived I stepped out so they could file into the same row I was in and Diane had a look of surprise since I had called her earlier in the week to say I could not make it because I had my ufology club meeting, yet there I was. After Mass as we headed out toward the school cafeteria for the spaghetti dinner I explained that after some thought I realized that I could make it after all and leave the dining room by six to get to the seven o’clock meeting. By then the wintry mix turned back into rain which was coming down steadily, but not disruptively.

As it happened I was the second person to arrive at the meeting and when the second co-director arrived he came and shook my hand asking, are you new – a bit of a tease since I had not been to a meeting since last May due to travel and family events. No, not new, just the ghost of a secretary past. The agenda for the evening was a skype conversation with Aaron Kfir, from Newfoundland, a man of detail oriented background occupations, including photographer and forensic level analysis work he does for the Canadian government. One of the hobbies he becomes deeply immersed in is looking at Google Moon/Google Earth photos and trying to discern exactly what he is looking at. We joined him to review many photos and listen to his wisdom and thoughts about what we were seeing. There were questions from our members and some back and forth between the speaker and the physicist in our group. As usual, our heads were swirling with new information as the meeting drew to a close and we headed back outside into the rain.

The sun was so bright this morning and the sidewalks and streets completely clear, I thought we had escaped the snow that was predicted for today. Then I noticed that there actually was snow on rooftops and on the car across the street. Ah, but a beautiful looking day, indeed. A nice walk was definitely in order. With that I went off to prepare my breakfast and listen to the news that might still be on the television. The news showed some serious snow, even a white out coming down in different areas within our county and I was a little surprised and grateful that it wasn’t here. Then the sunlight completely dimmed and when I looked out the window again it was to see snow coming down fast chasing a rabbit across a lawn. What a quick change – ah, but that is just exactly what Cleveland weather is known for.


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