High Winds


Winds of 20 to 45 miles per hour were predicted to day – the higher number closer to the lake, but there was enough stuff flying around to remind me of the Santa Ana winds that I experienced while I was down in Southern California on an assignment for a marketing firm, going from door to door of small to medium sized businesses making sales presentations to the owner/manager of each place I went. That was some serious wind which comes off of the Mohave Desert and showers sand across its path. Though I covered my eyes as best I could, I remember being completely gritty by day’s end.

I decided that I needed to get outside for a walk before the evening brought rains from the west behind the wind, and I thought about Joseph William Mallord Turner, the eighteenth century English landscape painter, known for eccentric behavior such as sticking his head out the window during a storm while on a train to better paint the scene. I too, would go out and inhale the wind as it swirled the leaves from the heaps on curbs and in the streets.

The sky to the west was a very deep blue, with purple grey clouds and the fine lines of the mostly now bare trees which looked like ink drawings. When I turned back toward home, the day’s light was quickly fading.


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