Upside down pear cake

pear cake1

While sitting in the waiting room of the dermatologist’s office I heard a child wail and in a few minutes two young boys, around eight and nine years of age emerged from an interior office to sit in the waiting room diagonally across from me.  The younger boy was holding his finger while mildly complaining to his older brother who, probably quoting the doctor said, “Yes, a little pain” as he picked up a magazine and flipping through the pages was soon saying, “Oooo that looks good, mmmmm that looks good” and to his brother said, “Look, upside down pear cake!” When their mother came into the room he flashed the magazine cover of Bon Appetite for her to see, saying, “Mom, this magazine has lots of things with carbs for us growing boys!” The three of them filed out the door taking with them their youthful energy.

Mmmmm, upside down pear cake did look good.



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