In the produce aisle I found


It has always surprised me that among the throngs of people in large airports at any given time, I have very rarely found anyone I am acquainted with among the travelers. Perhaps it makes more sense to see individuals one has met within one’s own community.

Most of the weekly groceries I buy come from a store quite near my home, or a branch that I pass frequently in my regular routine comings and goings. It is probably no surprise that I have bumped into my Aunt Bernie who had just run out to get something quickly and I was on my way home from Zumba.  Another time I was intent on one bargain or another when Hennie jolted me back to the present and introduced me to a friend she had been out with. Once I met a lady I worked with downtown whose daughter lives out this way and another time I all but walked into the lady I desk share with at Ameriprise.  Sharol was there with her mother, sister, and husband – it was almost a family outing. She reminded her husband that I was Rose, from work. He dropped a jar of Ragu spaghetti sauce into their basket and nodded.   I had the fleeting impression that he was much more relaxed than the last time I had seen him at a company holiday dinner.   Twice in the last few months I’ve run into Gina, a young lady who was among the people I met on the trip to Ireland in 2011. Now and then I’ve found Marilyn, my neighbor and friend from down the street.

I count these unplanned meetings as enjoyable, even serendipitous experiences.


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