Beautiful Sandusky Bay


After a stimulating weekend with my fellow word lovers at the Lakeside Chautauqua Village near Marblehead on Lake Erie, I drove into the clear sunny day as a few remaining crusty leaves claimed the curbsides after riding the winds around town.

The water of Sandusky Bay was beautiful, blue and calm, a nice change from the choppy grey look a few days earlier when I arrived. The expanse of grasses and highway, the sunlight giving the fading colors of the autumn foliage a coppery sheen as I mulled over the weekend’s voices, faces, words, the shared meals and camaraderie.

I stopped in North Olmsted to see what I could find at the Half Price Book Store since I had heard they were having a weekend sale and I did find some books that I wanted including one recommended by one of the ladies from the weekend gathering.

One more stop for groceries before going home to unload the car, get a half hour nap, then to turn around and go back to St. Charles in Parma for the evening Mass. I looked for my cousin, John, in his usual place in the church, but he was not there. Last year when I saw him, he mentioned that he was not doing well, physically. I sighed and decided I would call another cousin (our grandmothers were sisters) and see what I could find out. He is in a nursing home for a few weeks and then will have to make arrangements for assisted living.


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