by the second Halloween


The first year in a new environment is an adjustment period, learning the way around the area, the stores, the medical facilities, mostly the schools and trying to fit into the social picture. Our first Halloween in Naperville, Illinois was wet and even though the children dressed up and went to one door after another within our little apartment building, we did not go out into the rain. It was a disappointment to my children and I think we all felt lonely for the friends and established life we left in Sunnyvale, California.

Through Mill Street School we met another family from California, Ruth and her 2 daughters, one in my daughter’s class, the other a few years older and though they were from the southern part of the state and we were the closer to the central part, still it was California and I felt a kinship with them, we began doing things together, building friendships. In the kindergarten class my son made a good friend and his mom and I got acquainted in the school library computer room. I remain friends with the moms though our children have gone different ways.

By the second Halloween Ruth and I and our children went trick or treating together and afterwards went back to Ruth’s condo for homemade fish chowder, which was excellent. I felt we had gotten past the hurdle of the first year and its assorted adjustments and now we were at home.


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