Pot or Not


Were you a Hippie, Mom, my teen-aged son inquired. A hippie of sorts, I liked the clothes, the music, the artsy people, but I also liked eating regular meals and having a roof over my head so I worked as a secretary, kept an apartment, went to school nights and wore long skirts and flowered pants when I was out with friends. I didn’t go to Woodstock, but saw the movie and the sheer volume gave me a headache, but a clear picture of how the real hippies were living.

Tomorrow the voters in Ohio will say yea or nay to the legalization of limited use of marijuana. While I do wish we could take the profit out of illegal drugs, because I believe that the people who kill for drugs should be put out of business, I do not like the stuff that spills in under the wire with the pot, the assorted foods, snacks, and candy laced with the drug, which could easily get into the hands and then the bellies of innocent children. While the old arguments about the effects of alcohol and legal drugs continue to abound, it will be too bad to have to learn a lesson here the hard way and then, as with many nasty things, children pay the price.


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