Clam Chowder and Smashburgers


On Sunday after breakfast I walked to St. Mary’s for the eleven o’clock Mass and as I got close to Bowman Street a handful of snowflakes fell on my shoulder. To my exclamation that it was snowing, a man getting out of his car said, “I didn’t see that coming!” There were no further flurries as I continued across the street and on to the church, nor did I see any more on my way back to the house.

My sister and brother-in-law, niece and her daughter went into Cleveland and spent the night near the airport since Colette and Zoe had an early morning flight back to the West Coast.

It was my intention to start for home, but my cousin suggested I stay one more night for the chowder that evening. It didn’t take much to talk me into that since I had nothing else scheduled and another day of family would be welcome.

Ed had recently purchased a building for his electrician’s business so we all drove over to see the building and were treated to a view of his elder son operating a machine that ran a beam across the length of the building. Both boys were helping Ed with a refrigerator in the kitchen, on which they seemed to be changing the door to open the opposite way for ease in opening it. I think his sons must have learned quite a bit from Ed as they always seem to be with him.

In the evening Aunt Esther, Uncle Bob, Liz, Rich and I went to Ed and Brenna’s home where Brenna showed me her two bee hives and their backyard garden. Uncle Bob asked if I was leaving as I headed across the street in pursuit of what looked like a spectacular sun set, camera poised – I clicked off a few shots of the sun disappearing in the distance and a few with sunlight glinting from a few very large old trees.

Ed grilled the remainder of the smashburgers and served the chowder with rye bread. We all seemed spent by the time we said good night and settled down for the night.


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