Change is in the air


The early part of this month has been a mix of above normal temperatures in the mid-seventies to normal in the sixties. When the indoor thermostat fell to fifty-eight degrees, I caved in and turned the furnace on though I had hoped to hold off until later in the month. The television weather people seem to agree that we have now seen our last of the seventy degree days for the season.

I have resisted the change from percale to flannel sheets since the feather blanket should provide enough extra warmth, though I did select the set of warm deep red hue and will pull out the flannel at the next change of linens.

All of the sleeveless or short sleeved soft cotton night gowns have been washed, folded and put into a deep drawer until they are again needed, probably not much before May or June.

Yesterday I dug out the first of the long sleeved tee shirts and heavy winter slacks for stay at home warmth, not a day too soon.

My plan for today was to either work at trimming some of the shrubs on the windward side of the house or go to collect another bag of buckeyes for seed. But when I looked outside and saw the rain and felt the cold when I opened the door to get the mail, I decided it was really a perfect day to go no place and to have a nap after a cup of hot soup.


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