Martha and Hillary


Over and again I have heard that laughter – serious laughter that shakes the belly, not only burns calories, but is the best medicine. It is really unusual for me to still be watching the television late at night, but I have seen bits and pieces of various talk show hosts and their attempts at humor. In my book they have a long way to go to compare to Laurel and Hardy but every once in a while there is a line that really tickles me.

I have clipped from newspapers or magazines a few such funnies. One by the long retired Gary Larson which I saw in a Chicago newspaper had a very chubby Indian chief talking to a fellow Indian while looking at a manual titled, 101 Rain Dances. All around them old fashioned egg beaters were falling to the ground. As I was sitting in our front room, the giggles started slowly and by the time my daughter asked me what was so funny, tears were streaming down my face and I could hardly squeak out what I found so amusing about the cartoon. I had never seen an overweight Native American; he was reading from what looked like a computer manual no less, and did she even know what an egg beater was? The text with the cartoon was something like, “So that’s what I did wrong…”

Close to that one was a Dennis the Menace cartoon in which the small peanut shaped boy was saying to his mom …I was just kidding, mom! while she is pounding a fist on the wall and great tears are spurting from the sides of her face which is hidden in her arm as she is pressed against the wall. As the mom of a small boy, that one also spoke to me.

Many people have found that small children spout things out that are hilarious. An early talk show host, Art Linkletter had a program called, Kids say the darndest things, which enjoyed many years of success.  This past week I heard that Jimmy Kimmel had a few small children on his show and was showing them pictures of current politicians asking them if they knew who they were. When he showed a photo of Hillary Clinton, there was silence and squirming around so he gave them the hint, She is married to someone who used to be president. The little girl he was talking to answered, Martha Washington! Now, that was funny!


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