Music to my ears


The old white refrigerator in my kitchen was moved here with most of the rest of the contents from our home in Parma, Ohio fourteen summers ago.   I say most, because there are things I am still looking for and cannot seem to find, though I did a walk through when the movers emptied the house.

This one was the second refrigerator I bought while we lived in Parma and back in California our first refrigerator died within a few years from purchase. Thinking it was fixable I called the Sears repair department and the repairman came out and charged me $40 for the visit and gave me bad news. When I complained that my parents still had their first old refrigerator, the repairman shrugged and said it might have suffered a power surge. Since we had frequent brown outs in the summer, I expect it was as plausible as any other excuse.

The current not very large refrigerator has been working hard all these years and I have not paid enough attention to clock the frequency but every once in awhile it powers up making more noise than any other appliance in the house besides the furnace, and for the most part I am accustomed to it.

When I opened the refrigerator to put away the remainder of my breakfast things, I noticed that the light was not on though the machine was going through its noisy function. Hmmm, light out, or do I have to shop for a new refrigerator? The light went on in the freezer, so maybe it was just a burnt out bulb in the lower compartment.

Always check the simplest things first, my dad always said. I planned to stop at the store on my way home from an errand and pick up a new appliance light bulb. Still I was beginning to get anxious especially when for a long time there was no noise and the appliance just stood quietly in its place.

When I returned home with the new bulb, and heard the refrigerator doing it’s routine, I was very thankful not to have to go refrigerator shopping just yet.


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