Such a deal I have for you!


Between them my paternal grandfather, his brother-in-law, Martin, my dad and his brother, Gus could build a house, roof it, install all the electrical work, landscape it, put in a garden, trees, make and pour a new cement driveway or walk. If there wasn’t someone in the family who could do whatever was needed, then recommendations from trusted neighbors or friends were accepted. Once the world widened a bit more there was the phone book, bill boards and the Better Business Bureau by which to find help and verify skills.

With the introduction of television came electronic advertising which has expanded to the exasperating level of cramming more ads in between shorter and shorter segments of programming.

The 1960s are credited, or blamed, for a general downturn in our national value system, the advance of the pill, free love, deterioration of the family as the institution it had been through the 1950s and people thinking the religion of their grandparents’ generation was no longer important.

In the 1970s and 1980s I was dismayed to find that television advertising included women modeling bras and panties as well as ads for feminine hygiene products. It seemed to me that these were items which did not need advertising since every woman bought and used them.

Back then some of the most obnoxious ads were by car dealers. They were and still are loud, mostly silly and tiresome. The best invention in the world of electronics for me has been the remote control with the MUTE button, so I can and do tune out most ads.

In the 1990s through the present time lawyers and dentists jumped into the fray, competing with automobile dealerships for who could be the loudest and most annoying and probably gain the maximum number of clients. They look out of the screen into the camera asking if you have been this or that sort of victim. Oh, brother.

I’ve heard that television is heading for a radical change. I certainly hope so. Meanwhile, I’ll just consult trusted family or friends when seeking help.


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