The BIG Seven-Oh


The invitation came for my cousin Maryann’s birthday party to be held at Muldoon’s Saloon out in Euclid. I was a bit disconcerted because my mom’s side of the family usually had their celebrations in restaurants, but this one was in a bar? A long drive at that. Instead of responding, I set the invitation aside while I gave it some thought. Eventually my cousin called saying her daughter was concerned that I hadn’t RSVP’d – was I coming. I said I was thinking about it and she could tell I needed some help with that, so she said her son was coming to pick her up and I could go with them and that made me feel better, so I said yes, I’d go.

The theme would be the 1960s – so the suggested dress would be hippie attire. For some reason I have saved about two boxes of the now vintage clothing from the flower power era, but all of those items are about five sizes smaller than I am. I decided on a dress that I wore to another event earlier in the month.

My trepidations evaporated once I got to my cousin’s house and took a seat while she changed into her tie dyed tee shirt and her son wore a long sleeved cardigan that he said was also popular back then. Perhaps it was the singer, Perry Como’s look. The saloon and eatery was a short drive from there and in the neighborhood where about four of my cousins went to St. Joseph’s High School, then for boys only, now it is co-ed. They all had memories of going to Muldoon’s. We filed into the place and down the stairs to the party room which the youngsters had decorated with festive and colorful crepe paper, balloons and confetti.

We were seated at round tables and the room was filled with family and friends all talking and taking pictures and eating the sumptuous meal. There were chicken wings and fingers, potato skins, salad, shrimp, ribs, pizza and everything was delicious.  There were assorted fancy cupcakes as the birthday cake, which were also wonderful.

When most of the eating was done, Maryann sat in front of a table loaded with gift bags and proceeded to open each item with pleasure. She had been excited about this party since the kids first told her they wanted to do it and I know that she was both proud of them and happy as a youngster to be so celebrated.


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