I last talked with Marcie Eanes at Dripping Springs, Texas last April for the monthly poetry evening hosted by Nancy Fierstien. When I returned home from Texas and the Poetry at Round Top Festival, I ordered a copy of her current chapbook, Cameo. I messaged her on Facebook that I’d get back to her once I had read the poems. As the summer unfolded for me I was busy with travels and catching up and then reading library books recommended by my summer writing festival teacher and the poetry got pushed to the bottom of the pile. Down to the last seventy-five pages in the second book of short stories and essays edited by Judith Kitchen, I began thinking about Marcie’s book and feeling guilty that I had not yet opened it. That was probably a hint that I should have taken a break and read Cameo and commented to Marcie on it.

After not even looking at Facebook for the better part of two or three weeks, I wanted to message a couple of people so when I opened to my newsfeed page, I was shocked, to say the least, to see a post by another poet from the Austin poetry community announcing in her own disbelief that her friend, Marcie had suddenly passed on the night before. Susan reminisced about times they had spent together and that Marcie always stayed with her for the Austin festivals and really liked her cooking and this past summer they went to Chicago together and how Marcie was scheduled to make appearances and do readings and had a CD with her Jazz poetry and the book was just out, or soon to be out…

Still reeling from that news, I opened Facebook a second time later in the evening only to find that another death had taken place. Myriam was the sister-in-law of my friend and former roommate Carol, from California. We chummed around together and met at family gatherings until I moved away, lost touch and eventually became Facebook friends. Carol had advised me about the terminal diagnosis, so I knew it was a matter of time.

There is an underlying anxiety that the old saying, things happen in threes will yet play itself out and I am slightly on edge.


2 thoughts on “Mid-stride

  1. Thank you for your article on Marcie. I was in shock myself. We always met at AIPF fest and and Book Woman poetry readings and photographed together. I had bought her books and all last week I was thinking about her not knowing about her sudden parting. Shubh Schiesser Sent from my iPad


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