Waste Water from the Oil Industry in MY Food?


If you stack a number of things on top of each other then pull one item out near the bottom of the heap, does it come as a surprise that the stack tumbles over? So here we are talking about fracking in California, of all the places. It is unbelievable to me, that with all of the earthquake faults that run through California they would even consider fracking.  But hey, it is the money that speaks the loudest, after all, which is evidenced by the amount of fracking going on in many other states.

Last evening I watched a short program about waste water from the oil industry being used to hydrate everything from grapes to pistachios, oranges and more in California and in spite of the toxins in that water, Governor Jerry Brown, proclaiming that this was saving the farmers in the state since the four year drought would have otherwise shriveled up the crops. A man on the television program held up a big red tomato grown with oil waste water, saying Who the frack wants to eat this…

Great that we are saving the farmers, but the farm workers health is in jeopardy, never mind the consumers who then eat that produce! Today I washed some grapes and put them into a bowl to have with cottage cheese for lunch. I looked at the bag the grapes were sold in and the words on the bag said they were from a family farm in California. I wonder exactly what that means. I cannot buy or eat grapes from California without remembering my late long-time friend, Edna who as a systems analyst earned enough money in six months to take the next six months off, in which time she joined Caesar Chavez, picking grapes with the migrant workers in California and in his protests back in the mid1970s trying to get better wages for the pickers.

Last week I bought a small string bag of avocados and noticed when I got home that they were from Mexico. After seeing the program on television last night, I feel more comfortable eating avocados from Mexico than from California.


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