Aging Spurts


The great bulk of my digital photographs are on my computer and back up external hard drives in the hope I never lose any or all of them. Last week I had a few photos developed to share with Diane and her cousin from our trip last June as Diane had shared some of hers with me. While I was at it I developed a few current ones of myself and tucked them into an envelope with a short letter to my daughter. It has been a few years since our visits so I thought it might be a good idea to let her know how I look these days.

I’ve heard that older people have aging spurts just as young children have growth spurts, and I recall the feeling of dismay that came over me when I realized that my own parents had moved into the senior set. I always knew their ages, but to see that a parent who could do anything through my child and young adulthood struggling at something, was unexpected. It’s more of an oh my than ah ha moment.


2 thoughts on “Aging Spurts

  1. I struggle with the aging spurts with my parents… since both of them were such young young parents you never think of them as old… My father in my eyes did not get old until his last six months of life… of course the cancer brought it on.. but in some ways I think it unfair to think this way. Perhaps I will be able to serve my mother and maybe yourself better.

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