Book and movie


If I’ve read a book, I usually don’t bother going to the movie, or the other way around, if I’ve seen the movie I don’t bother to read the book. About five years ago I read Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods about his adventures along the Appalachian Trail. Typical of Bryson, the book was funny. I remember telling my cousin Theresa about the part where he missed his footing and slid on his bottom all the way down a muddy hill. While I was laughing and telling the story, my cousin commented, Yeah, just like somebody else we know! Well!! I have had more than my share of tumbles and some of them have frightened her more than me because the crash landings were noisy. But that’s another story.

When my friend Diane asked me what I was doing on Labor Day I said I thought I might go to a movie and then she mentioned a couple she thought might be worth seeing, one a comedy with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, called A Walk in the Woods. Since she will not go to a Pixar film and I have no stomach for graphic sex and violence we don’t often agree on a movie we might both like, so I checked the show times on my computer and we ended up meeting under the 90 degree sun and sure enough it was the book in movie form and was pretty funny. It moved pretty quickly so it was like a summary, but one of those rare good for family viewing movies.

Diane had a handful of coupons for a couple of the local eateries and we ended up re-convening at Arby’s and each getting a Reuben sandwich on nice rye swirled bread. We sat there until after dark catching up on things.


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