Night News


It is probably because I studied Journalism in high school that I still listen with a critical ear as I scan the local news stations trying to determine what might actually be interesting, or what the stations are allowed to report that is just so much ho hum.

About a year ago an inebriated woman piloted her jeep through a fence and into a swimming pool, and was rescued by a young man who was already in the water, the local news coverage was repeating the same information and the same film clips for three days. Yawn.

Within that same week, as I headed south on Turney Road one evening I could see a beautiful red car completely turned over in the road just past my street. When I got into the house I was still shaking from the visual that stayed with me. I called my friend, Marilyn, who lives at the other end of the street to ask if she had seen the accident and she knew nothing about it but would check the next day’s newspaper. The next day I listened to the noon news but nary a mention of the accident, nor was there anything in the local rag.

Last night on my way home from water exercise class at Estabrook Recreation Center, just after I turned onto Canal Road from Granger I could see the flashing red and blue of a police car in the right lane, then there were two more police vehicles parked in front of it and policemen walking around. There was a square backed white car that had gone over or through the guard rail and upended in or close to the canal.

Of course there was nothing on the noon news about the incident.


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