A Summer Birthday


The ufology club meets every third Saturday of the month, it has for all the years I’ve been in the group. When my cousin Ray’s wife called me to invite me to a dinner party they were having on the 15th, I was happy to accept the invitation. Family gatherings always take precedence over other social events, but I had completely forgotten about the meeting. Everything I did that day was geared toward the party and it was not until the next morning as I was reading a meditation for the day that I realized I had missed the meeting without even telling anyone I would not be there.

Elaine’s sister and brother in law were in from Indiana and her mom, brother, sister-in-law were already there as well as Elaine’s son and his girlfriend, finishing up snacks and waiting for the chicken on the grill to cook through.

When Ray announced that the chicken was finished and brought the steaming platter into the kitchen from outside, it was a matter of minutes before all the other parts of the meal were assembled on the island and everyone was told to get a plate from the dining room table and start to fill it. I took the same seat I usually select, across from Elaine’s sister, Nancy and soon everyone was busy eating the delicious meal.

There was laughter and teasing and birthday cards and gifts were presented to Elaine and then we indulged in the assortment of cakes, an elegant chocolate with a chocolate rose in the center on top and my favorite, blue berry cobbler, made by Nancy who bakes the most excellent pies.

By half past eight the bulk of the company was bidding everyone goodnight. Ray told me he had the animated movie, Monster University we could watch once everyone else was gone – while I was looking askance at the clock and thinking of the hour and a half drive back home, I was intrigued by the promise of Pixar, so I stayed. Over the years I have seen the progress of Ray’s work in the basement, but he finally got it all done this past spring and since I did not stay for the movie on Easter weekend, I agreed to join them this evening. The screen is pretty big and the chairs are all lazy-boy style and there was an afghan to pull over me and I was hoping not to fall asleep.

The movie was cute, funny, silly and in no time the three of us were laughing like children.


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