Murder of any other name still remains the same


The grief I felt when I first heard on the McLaughlin Report about the systematic killing of living aborted babies in order to farm their organs, kept me from falling asleep that night. I tossed and turned and wondered how we could be so barbaric.

I could not even think of the torture imposed on a living creature without tears. Who are these throwaway children? The next Pulitzer Prize winner, mathematician, brilliant scientist, the doctor who could cure cancer, or the nurse who gentles the pain of other people?

How dare we point our fingers accusing other countries of inhumane behavior in their atrocities of war, when medical people in America, this country founded on Judaic-Christian principles, people who have taken a Hippocratic oath to do all they can to SAVE life, are in fact in the business of butchering babies! Planned Parenthood? Help me.

Yesterday there was a post on my Facebook news feed showing a photograph of one of those tiny infants, with a video, which I could not watch. The picture was horrific enough and left me tossing and turning again even after I worked my way through a rosary praying for forgiveness for us as a society.

Many years ago my father said that America will be recorded in history as one of the most violent countries in the world since Genghis Kahn, and that certainly seems to be coming true.


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