Charmed, I am sure


My father’s Aunt Katy was in her early 80s I think, when we first moved back to Ohio. She believed it was very important to keep active. She walked from her home one street over and a few blocks down from our street off of Ridge Road in Parma, to various places within a mile or so away. I periodically found her in line at the bank I also went to, or at the church.

One time when I saw her at St. Charles, she was listening as a little man in a brown and white checkered shirt, brown pants and a bow tie was entertaining her with some story and when I heard her giggling like a school girl I was astonished and said to myself, some things never change.

It was with a great deal of amusement I found myself standing just inside the ship I was about to set sail on to cruise from Italy to the Greek Isles, when a very young and handsome crew member said to me, You have a good time, ma’am. And with a wink and a click of his jaw, added, I mean have a REALLY good time! I stood there laughing and I am still chuckling thinking of how easily I am charmed.


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