31 out of 207


Hoban Dominican High School, class of 1960 celebrated its 55th reunion luncheon today at the elegant Landerhaven, Executive Catering facility in Mayfield Heights. It had been years since I had last been there so I did make one stop to find out that I was almost there. The skies were very blue and the air much warmer than it had been for a couple of days. Walking across the parking lot I turned at the sound of voices to see a couple of ladies I re-met at one of the lunches we’ve attended since our big 50th reunion, when we decided that at this age, we ought not wait ten years before getting together again.

To my delight a few ladies I had been asking about who did not show up in the last few years did come today. For the most part conversations revolved around everyone’s families and grandchildren but sooner or later had to dart back to remembered experiences from our years in school. We laughed as we ate the delicious repast of salad and parmesan chicken, taking turns recalling tales about both teachers and students. Although there is not much I remember about Algebra I do remember the tall young Sister Helen Thomas writing on the black board with her right hand and a moment later sneezing repeatedly into a large handkerchief in her left hand, mumbling “Sorry, girls” and no sooner resume writing than the sneezing would send her back into the handkerchief and again, “Sorry, girls!”  She was allergic to chalk.  In another class, the same teacher announced one day, that she had been to the school office that morning and it was the first time she realized that three of us who were right in a row because we all had the same last name, were not sisters. We were not even related and did not look anything alike, and our family name, Horvath, was so common that the Cleveland phone book in that generation, had pages of us.

The meal finished, several of us were going from table to table taking pictures and inevitably taking a few minutes to pay our respects at the memorial board where pictures of some of our late classmates and the names of others are listed. Of the 207 young ladies in our graduating class the list of those known to have passed on comes to 31. One of the more recent ones sat across the table from me telling tales and softly laughing just two years ago.


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