Where’s that calendar?


In the summer of 1969 when I went with Caroline to her home in Golden, Colorado on my way to California, we took a short trip to Colorado Springs because she wanted me to see how beautiful it is. We spent time browsing through the old boot shaped building of Van Briggle Pottery, which was enormously enjoyable. I bought a small tulip shaped bowl which my daughter recently told me is very valuable.

In the evening we went to a movie called If its Tuesday, it’s Belgium which was about a family vacation that went awry and husband, wife and children waved at each other on tourist boats passing in opposite directions on a river and went on to point out many other things that anyone who’s traveled abroad would chuckle at remembering. We laughed through the film and it still comes to mind when I travel or when I am confounded by my calendar of events.

Memorial Day weekend 2015 has recently passed and I think that somewhere in my mental agenda the holiday should still be the last weekend of May as it had been during my childhood and each time I was trying to plan for the week after this year’s holiday I was completely confused, as if I lost the last week of May. Perhaps not having any family activities for the holiday had a bearing on it as well so it did not seem like I actually had a holiday. A friend in Elyria called and asked me to meet her for dinner “this” Saturday. (which wasMay 30th, but I was a week ahead of myself) and said I’d love to join her, but I was scheduled for the UFO Conference in Ashland, Ohio and it would be an all-day event. This event is actually on June the 6th. When I realized my mistake I decided it was probably for the best since I am backlogged with chores and I will call her back to re-schedule later in the month.

A man my next door neighbor brought over to introduce me to for the service of bug spraying around my house wanted to get underway the following Saturday, which was actually the 30th of May, but in my mind it was the 6th of June, so of course I told him, no that would not be a good day, which turned out okay anyway since the 30th of May brought rain with thunder storms.

Now, I realize that I cannot say yea or nay to anything without my calendar with all the penciled in activities so I can be sure of what is going on and not miss out on anything I might want to do.


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