Water melon rinds and marigolds


It occurred to me to blame the late frosts in May or my lack of energy or arthritis for the slow start in hauling the pots of soil out of winter storage in the garage to the patio to seed with marigolds. But today after finishing a nice wedge of watermelon, I took the rind to the garage, placed it into the bottom of an empty pot, added soil, then seeded it and took it out to the patio. Oh, yes, that is what I do every year. It is a great way to dispose of melon rinds which otherwise weigh down the garbage bag and usually leak through them. Composting enriches the soil and I get nice large flowers every summer when I deposit whatever fruit peelings, coffee grounds and egg shells I’ve accumulated each day or two into the bottom of a pot.

The winter before last was so bitterly cold that my orange day lilies did not grow to their full height last summer as they normally do, and they are a very hearty plant. At the end of the season, I covered the area where I planted them fourteen years ago with a thick layer of rich dark soil from the compost pot and this year the lilies are about a foot high so far and looking much better in spite of another difficult winter.


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