Not a good spot


Opening the front door to see if the mail had been delivered yet what I found was a newly established bird’s nest ensconced on top of the porch light with strands of dried out grass dangling from the mostly mud structure. I could not see inside the nest but since it was still so new I did not think there were any eggs inside it yet and I did not see any nearby birds. I did not think it was a good place for the nest, but did not want to move it if there were eggs already in it. The next day when I stepped outside again I saw that 2/3rds of the nest had fallen off and landed on the edge of the porch. No eggs there, so I pushed the mud and grass over the side of the porch and today used a broom to send the last fragment of it over to the ground and swept up the rest of the by now quite untidy porch.


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