Just another Sunday


A day like any other day I told myself as I began to dread the emptiness of Mother’s Day days in advance. A large greeting card came to me, hand addressed and on a white card the hot pink letters MOM with a flower as the O and under it the words Happy Mother’s Day underlined in green. I put it on top of my computer and chose to ignore the fact that it came from Rad-Air, where I took my two previous cars for all their work, with a coupon on the inside flap, and Eric is just trying to get my business back. He’d have no way of knowing that it is nothing he did or didn’t do, just that the newer car does not require the level of care the two older vehicles did.

When I got to Saints Peter and Paul for the vigil Mass yesterday, the usher greeting me asked if I was a mom and when I said yes, she gave me a fluffy colorful carnation. After Mass I added the flower to the vase in the front of the church. I did not really want to take home a single posie to remind me that I hear nothing from my own children.

It was the third day in a row of temperatures in the very high eighties and I drove to the west side to my Zumba class where there were considerably fewer of us than usual, but it was still good to be with people I like and enjoying the class. On the way home I stopped at Malley’s and bought some chocolate. I used to buy truffles for Aunt Elizabeth in her last few years, and decided that now I would get them for me.

When I got home and changed into dry and comfy clothes I realized I needed to get something I left in the car, so while I was out there, I would seed at least one of the pots of soil with marigolds and take it to the patio to start the process off as I do late every spring. I actually got three done and placed outside.

From the patio I could hear the phone ringing. Of course there is not a chance I’d get back into the garage, the house and to the phone before the answering machine went on, but I did try and of course I had missed a call from my daughter, I was very glad to hear her voice and saved the message. She was getting ready for work, so I knew she might not answer, but I called her back anyway to let her know I was pleased to hear from her and that I love her and am always thinking about her (and her brother.)


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