The Buckeyes Girl is out again


Every autumn and winter as my arthritis progresses I wonder as I gather buckeyes and other tree seeds if this will be the last year I am able to do this work. I used to go out undaunted by the more harsh weather to distribute the seeds, but this past winter, the box of buckeyes sat in the garage after the first snow. That doesn’t stop me from saving fruit seeds as I munch apples and pears. I even save grapefruit, orange and avocado seeds even though this is not the climate in which they will grow. Seeds can wait for the right conditions and perhaps in the next “turning” of our planet, the weather may be tropical.

On this warm and lovely day I took my purple mesh bag with an assortment of seeds along as I set off for my Zumba class. On the way home I turned onto Lancaster Road off of Brookpark where I had often thought to stop and try to get pictures of the creek that runs behind the business park, parallel to the road. I tossed all the seeds I had in the bag and got a total of 30 photos on my trusty little camera.

When I see all of the trees that have been cut down, others that nature has felled, and hear of all the spring time flooding I know that I must keep on with my own small campaign of propagating trees whenever and where ever I may.


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