Guess who I saw today…


In my various comings and goings I always imagine I will bump into someone I know, but that really does not happen often and almost never has happened in airports, or tourist destinations.

The town I now live in is what I call a sleeper community and had only one restaurant that stayed open past eight p.m. and that one was closed down a few years ago. A few chain eateries opened and what their hours are I do not know. There are the usual fast food places, gas stations, a few bars, an assortment of churches, schools, grocery stores, banks and drug stores. The one mall that was built over a former garbage dump saw all the bigger name stores close doors after a few months due to fumes rising through the buildings from the defunct garbage dump under them. It’s a kind of ghost mall. If there is anything I want to shop for I tend to go back to Parma.

During the time we lived in Parma both of my children went through the Parma school system and I did make acquaintances with enough people, so it always strikes me as odd when I am there and rarely ever see anyone I knew, except at St. Charles Church where I bumped into my cousin Tom’s, wife, Mary and their younger daughter, Kristi once and the son of one of my father’s cousins one time.

Once Hennie found me at Marc’s and today Sharol, a co-worker from Ameriprise, was there with her mother, her sister and her husband. She called out to me and we chatted for a while.  On the way out of the store I saw a lady from the trip to Ireland, whom I have also bumped into at St. Monica’s Fish Fry a year ago.

It was nice having these unexpected visits, my people fix for a day which was the icing on the cake of a lovely day the first time this season I was milling about without a jacket on.


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