Super Neighbor


After two days of strong winds a branch from the maple tree just this side of the curb in front of my house fell to the ground. The city is responsible for those trees which they planted when the housing development was young. They did bad job pruning the tree years ago, so it is not symmetrical in its shape, but instead the left side is considerably larger than the right side. The view from my porch is that the tree is lopsided as are all of its siblings on this side of the street, I hesitate to call the city for anything I think I can manage.  My father told me many years ago that a tree should be pruned so it has no more than three main trunk branches and obviously, whoever processed these trees had no clue.

In 2008 the lady across the side street from me had called the city to say that her maple was dead, would they take it down. Instead they waited until the tail end of Hurricane Ike swept through here and left our area without power for three days and toppled her tree across the street so no cars could pass until it was removed.

Last year a branch that fell was too big and heavy for me to do much more with than break off all of the twigs. I even waited for a few snow storms to come and go hoping that it would be brittle enough that when I picked one end up and slammed it down in the street, it might break, but did not. So it sat there most of the winter since the trash company will not take anything on the curb which is not stuffed into the gigantic trash bins. To my surprise, one day in the spring time it was just gone.

The newest limb on the ground was smaller and as I was breaking off the twigs, my neighbor’s son came to haul their trash tubs to the curb and we extended greetings after a winter’s silence. He said if there was anything I ever needed help with I need only ask. I didn’t waste any time asking if he could help me to break the branch so I could get it into the trash can. He laughed and asked if I thought he was Superman. I nodded and said, “Yes, because I can see the big S on your jacket.” He came over and broke the branch into pieces while I held the lid open and he deposited them into the container.


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