Luxury at the Rec Center


When I stepped out of the sauna I found that the water exercise class was already in progress and Christine, one of the life guards said, “You were cooking away – you need a timer!” I agreed, but it was so worth being a bit late for the class to spend the minutes in the newly repaired sauna. It had been out of commission for several months. I remember being so surprised to find that this city recreation center even had a sauna.

My first experience using a sauna was at the swimming pool in an apartment complex where a friend lived in California. We went to sit in the sauna first, then took a swim, then back into the sauna, then the pool and finally back into the sauna.

The next place was the swimming pool at the church I belonged to, also in California. Then not again until I went with Marilyn for a casino trip to a place on the Ohio River this side of Kentucky about four years ago.

In my opinion sauna is right up there with Jacuzzi, Japanese bath, and massotherapy for some of the best ways to ease tension in all the muscles.

Oh happiness.


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