The new gathering spot

H2o cooler2

While the great minds of the world are solving crimes, unraveling mysteries of the universe, digging up dinosaurs, civilizations thousands of years dead, discovering new medicines to cure ancient maladies, my much simpler world finds me back paging through the last several weeks of events to determine exactly which day the great apple pie appeared on the kitchen counter with a little note in front of it that said, help yourself!

Today I asked Colleen if it was her pie and she said yes, but I thought it was on St. Patrick’s day and she said no, it wasn’t her’s then. Thinking back I remember that it was a special day, oh, it must have been Shrove Tuesday. It was also Hailey’s birthday because when I wished her happy birthday, she asked if I had taken a piece of cake and I thanked her, but said I had already cut a wedge of the giant apple pie for my pre-Lenten indulgence. It was one of those pies that only show up at State Fairs and would have earned a blue ribbon from me for sure. I also remembered that I wrote about it in my blog and had to scrounge through google images to find one that resembled it for the writing.

It’s not the water cooler in the new office the company moved into a couple of months back, but the copy/fax/scan machine where people find each other and catch up on shared news. The giant bottles of water pouring down through a cooler/heater unit are not even a part of our new kitchen. Instead there is a big stainless steel vault of a refrigerator with the built in water filter.

When I complimented Josh on his lavender checked shirt he mentioned that there was a tiny spot on it (which I couldn’t even see) it reminded me of a young man named Lew who was one of a group of young sales people selling electronic equipment for a small company where we worked in the outskirts of Chicago, who one day came back from lunch and opening his jacket said, Rose, what do you think? The entire front of his white shirt was covered with Arby’s sauce! It must have been over filled and when he asked someone to pass it to him, the overflow jetted out at him. Big help that I was almost doubled up with laughter, and him with a one p.m. client meeting. I don’t remember what he did, probably someone else loaned him a shirt as there was not time to do much else.

On St. Patrick’s day I do remember asking Rosalie if she was fixing corned beef and cabbage and she said no. Then I said I should know better than to ask an Italian girl if she was making an Irish dinner. She said, yes! Then she asked if I was having corned beef and I said not until tomorrow since I have to scrub the soup pot I use to cook it in and she laughed.


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