Oh what a slippery slope …


What compels a handsome young well-liked man with what appears to be so much going for him to throw it all away and smash a hundred and fifty innocent people including himself to their tragic deaths, crashing into the side of a mountain. The psychological information immediately available indicated that he was not depressed, that he was quiet but not a loner.

I do not recall the name of the old Frank Sinatra movie I saw part of on television many years ago, about a serial killer who turned out to be the son of a prominent politician who was accustomed to getting everything he ever wanted. When the soon to retire law enforcement officer, Sinatra played caught up with him and confronted the killer, the young man told the law man to go ahead and try to get him arrested, he had friends in high places and nothing would come of it. Sinatra shot him rather than let the criminal continue getting away with murder. After seeing that, I warned my daughter about dating anyone who was too privileged, someone who was never denied anything he wished.

I have since read that when someone does something horrific to another person, or people, it may be because in his/her childhood something unspeakably evil was perpetrated upon him/her.

Considering all of the heinous crimes being committed around the world in this century and during wars of any century, it seems to me that whatever drives people to act out deliberate harm on any other people or animals, the rest of us need to start looking carefully at what it may mean.

If we need to take better care of the children of the world, or the abused of any age, we’d better think of some way to do that because letting things run the course as they are now, is to risk our lives and the lives of everyone we care about every day of the year everywhere we may go or be.


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