Wearin’ o’ the green


St. Patrick’s day has been a long tradition of being Irish for the day, here in Cleveland. Somewhere between the sixth and eighth grades I rode the bus downtown with classmates to attend the parade and maybe buy a white carnation that had sucked green color up through the stem.

During my high school years when I wore a uniform, I remember combing green ink across the front lock of my hair and using a mascara brush dipped into green tempera paint. That was as wild as it got for me.

In the years I worked downtown in a building across from Flannery’s restaurant, there was less crowd security and kids would be drinking beer ad nauseaum in the alleys and one year Ramona’s wallet was stolen from her handbag.  Heading toward the bus stop after work the debris from the parade and partying included tiny green metallic shamrocks that were strewn like confetti across many sidewalks and streets.

According to the news reports on television the crowd attending this year’s festivities was estimated to number in the hundreds of thousands! Among the throngs were my Zumba friend, Lita and her husband and their pupster, Bonnie, wearing her green voile tutu. The children they met loved giving Bonnie doggie cookies.

During the day a large coronal mass ejection occurred which caused widespread Aurora Borealis to be seen as far south as over Lake Erie. A new Facebook friend, Jeremy Church, captured the event in some of his photographs. It was a green and fitting end to St. Patrick’s Day 2015.

March17aurora photo by Jeremy Church


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