Return of the Buzzards


The Ides of March marks the annual return of the Buzzards to the rock formations and ledges of Buzzard Roost in Hinckley, Ohio. Capistrano has the swallows, but here in hearty snowbound Ohio, spring is welcomed by the flocks of winter attired folks peering through binoculars into the skies for the first sight of the huge turkey vultures as they migrate home from winter quarters in warmer climes. The birds, with up to a six foot wing span, are not frightened off by the sight of people from seven a.m. on, drinking coffee or hot chocolate or keeping warm by fires in barrels, wearing buzzard styled caps. Perhaps they are just accustomed to the enthusiastic reception by humans year after year, since 1957 when 9,000 visitors arrived for that first group viewing. According to legend, in 1819 the buzzards came to feast on thawing carcasses left by settlers and have continued to show up ever since. There are assorted goings on organized to celebrate this occasion, pancake breakfasts, and other family oriented activities.


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