Fish Fry Fridays


The fish fry season is in full swing. The menu at St. Monica’s includes perogies, cabbage noodles, salmon, fried shrimp or cod. The first Friday it was still in the single digit temperatures, so Diane and I agreed to wait until it warmed up a bit and by the second Friday we were up to the twenties and by that time we were anxious to get back to the program so we ventured out. The cafeteria at St. Monica’s however, was so chilly that I put my cap and muffler back on while Diane and I sat talking after we had finished the meal. There is usually a good sized crowd at the Fish Frys and last year Mark Johnson from the Channel Five weather and news came to give the church meals a little publicity which probably helped to increase attendance.

This evening Ramona decided to join us but she arrived so late we were on dessert by the time she showed up. Coming in on highway 480 she was in the rush hour traffic and then took a detour going to St. Therese by mistake, but finally found us. She got her dinner and finished on time so the three of us could go from the cafeteria over to the church for the Stations of the Cross.

When we left the church the rain was still coming down pretty hard and we were all glad to be heading to our respective homes. I felt really tired and took a nap as soon I had changed into my comfy clothes.


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