The Zumbathon


After a harsh and prolonged cold February I was excited about the Zumbathon Glenda had been reminding us about. It seems like every four months or so she, or one of the other instructors is calling for a Zumbathon, which is an afternoon – usually two or more hours of continuous Zumba. Usually there is a fee, this one was $10.00 which goes to a charitable cause, in this case for a cancer project.

An assortment of instructors attend and take turns leading the group for a segment of time. The day was sunny but cold and we were at the Estabrook Recreation Center gym, which is about three times the size of the gym at St. Mark’s where Glenda usually teaches.

There are plenty of treats, like granola bars, bananas and bottled water. Lita brought a large batch of homemade banana nut muffins which she passed around to the people in our group. It was really fun to be there and to see many people who don’t all attend the classes I get to, but whom I have met over the years.

While the dancing is continuous, the participants do not need to dance for the two or more hours straight, it is not uncommon to see folks step out for some water or snack, talk with others, then step back into the dancing.

At the beginning of the session there was a fellow standing behind me I know from the Sunday and Tuesday group. In short order it felt like he was so close to me I became really uncomfortable. Most of the time it is good to have an arm’s length between oneself and the person on either side, and a minimum of that space between the person behind and the person in front, so for turns and lots of leg bends, kicks and arm thrusts and waves, no one gets clobbered. Eventually I just moved and this fellow moved up next to me and in minutes he was that close to the girl in the row in front of us and when I saw that I wondered if he even realized what he was doing. She just ignored him and was vigorously hopping, dancing and jumping around as if he did not exist. I, meanwhile, moved back to the place he originally occupied.  He left early and I wondered if he was well.

The exercise was so welcome, the smiling faces were like warmth of the sun after a dreary winter, and when the event was finished, I felt thoroughly content.


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