Going around in circles

Going in Circles

After work last Tuesday, I pulled out onto Rockside Road only to find within a few blocks that as far west as the eye could see, both lanes were jam packed bumper to bumper red tail lights all brightly lighting the night. I made a U turn and drove back a few blocks to the short cut to Brookpark Road telling myself it was a great thing I had learned last summer from an office mate who lives on the west side, when Rockside was torn up with several months of roadwork. As I drove onto Lancaster, noticing all the traffic heading up toward Rockside I chuckled at my cleverness heading down to Brookpark. My humor evaporated when I saw the police car blocking all westbound traffic and watched as the eastbound cars flooded by and those of us hoping to turn west, all forced to head back east. Okay, I thought, I get it. Instead of getting to my Zumba class, I went home. This was a bit of a concern to me since I missed so many of my exercise classes due to the single digit to below zero temperatures we experienced in the coldest February in recorded history. However, I do not let these little snafus upset me, I checked with a couple of friends and neither had heard of any accident or reason for the shift in traffic patterns, we all thought there might be some information on the evening news, but there was not. I am a believer that when things like that happen, there is some reason for it.

Thursday before heading out to the office I called the Estabrook Recreation Center to confirm that the water exercise class would be in session, and was told oh yes, it was on schedule. So, after work I changed into my swimsuit and comfortable duds over it and headed out to the pool. I checked in at the main desk, as required, and went to the locker room, put my outer clothes into a locker and showered to go into the pool. The door to the pool was locked.

The weather outside is still cold, so imagine the puzzlement of people walking in to see me in a swim suit dripping wet as I walked from the locker room to the front desk to ask the lady there what was going on and mentioning that I did call earlier and was assured the class was on. She went upstairs and came back after consulting with the life guards, saying that the class would not resume until May. On my way back to the locker room I met a couple from the class and advised them about our class and they were in disbelief, so I said, go ask the desk clerk and they headed off to do that and I went to change my clothes and dry off. While I was dressing another classmate came in and after noting that I was putting my clothes ON, she spoke up and then I relayed the story to her as well. Yet another exercise class I missed out on and this is beginning to feel like an exercise in futility instead of fate saving me from some unknown crisis.


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