And the snow goes on and on


After four days of not leaving the house, because the outdoor temperature had not climbed out of single digit range, I decided to venture out, once I could see the pavement of the street. All through the cold of autumn and early winter I had been wearing a warm fleecy little jacket that was easy to wear while driving the car. However, once the cold became insidious, I could feel it permeating the west wall of the house, seeping from the floor upwards under the heat that was ascending from the furnace vent to higher levels of air in the house, I knew it was essential to start wearing warmer things indoors and especially when leaving the confines of my four walls. Staying at home now includes warm socks because if I am sitting and reading, the cold wraps around my ankles.

I wondered if the heavy down jacket that I bought for my son many years ago, which he looked at once and declared he’d never wear, would be as easy to maneuver in behind the wheel of the compact car I’ve been driving for almost a year. A snug knit cap and long muffler, warm gloves and boots along with that jacket made me feel considerably heavier as I descended the step into the garage and eased into the car. I was greatly relieved to find I could manage driving with all that additional clothing on.

Although I do have my driveway plowed once there is more than a two inch accumulation, since this winter there has been no warm up and melting between snowfalls and the city plow fills the aprons of the driveways as they go by, I got stuck in my driveway Friday when I returned from an appointment. Fortunately, after I scattered kitty litter and some snow-melt stuff behind all the tires, a gentleman going by stopped his truck to help guide me out of the rut and back up a straight path into the garage.

In a phone call to my snow-plow man I asked if when he comes to plow next time if he could plow to the pavement and explained that I had gotten stuck in the driveway.   When I left to meet Diane at St. Monica’s for the fish fry Friday evening, I found that Mr. Henry had come over and done a good job clearing the whole driveway. That was a huge relief.

I watched the fine falling flakes as the first round of the four to eight inches predicted for today had begun to add to the accumulation of about three weeks of storms, so glad I did not have to be out there.


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