Valentine’s Day 2015


When I peeked between the blinds of my bedroom window I saw that the snow storm that was predicted for the next afternoon had already arrived and was still in progress. That explained why I heard the snow plow go down the street shortly after eight a.m. Unless it is an allnighter for the road crew they don’t usually start to dig us out before midday because all their energy goes into making the main streets passable before they start on the side streets.

Diane called at about eleven rather disgruntled because her drive hadn’t been plowed yet – a courtesy extended to senior citizens by her community, while I have to pay for the service I get. My drive was deep under the snow too. Not being able to get out and about was not all that irritated my friend. We had paid for our tickets already to the pork chop dinner being held at my parish that evening. All she could think of was the waste of money for an expensive dinner. Usually the church dinners are less expensive, but this meal was costing us each $15.00. She then pointed out that if my drive got plowed I could still go, but as I watched the winter wonderland scene expanding before me I thought this was the kind of day I usually shrug off as a snow day.

I decided to prepare to go to the evening vigil Mass and the dinner, watching the street and my drive before deciding if I would make the attempt. My drive did get plowed and the street looked better. I e-mailed the church asking if the dinner was still on, but as luck would have it, no one was there to respond. At four p.m. I called Diane back to let her know I was heading out and I would ask for her dinner as a carry out, which was some consolation to her. I also called Marilyn to ask her if she knew the conditions of the roads since if she doesn’t always go out, her husband Allyn does, and she said that Turney and Rockside were both clear.

I pulled on the big down jacket that I hadn’t worn yet this season, largely because I was not sure it would fit into the little car I am driving, but, bulky though it was, I managed to get into the car.

As I drove toward Turney Road I did slide a wee bit but once I was off of my street, things got a bit better. Marilyn suggested I go down Canal Road and avoid Turney, but as I had never gone that route, I was not big on getting lost even if the road was better. To add to the complications, for some reason the middle of the road is torn up and the one drive-able lane in each direction are both pot hole ridden, although the pot holes were filled with snow. Slowly and carefully I drove on and thanked the good Lord once I pulled into the church parking lot.

I was glad to be in the Church for Mass and to see my one friend I’ve made there when I first arrived in this area, Mary.  I followed someone else she knew from the church over to the entrance to the activity center, around the side of the old school, I put the jacket on a chair to save a place and went to get my meal. Mary invited me to sit with her and some of her cousins, which I did. It is always nice to be with other people and the meal was delicious and I was able to collect Diane’s in take-out form. Mary’s cousin, Lou walked me back to the car afterwards and I drove carefully and slowly back home, enormously relieved to be home safely.

Diane collected her dinner Monday and I was glad to still be hibernating.


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