E-mail Police ????

Live wo Net

Communication via e-mail has taken a back seat to a multitude of other social networking services. I still check my two e-mail accounts most days of the week and often find one or two items with pictures of scenery or animals and occasionally there is something actually humorous.

The e-mails that I think are worth sharing get forwarded to the Hotmail address since it is easier to forward to my group of names from there. Once in awhile my Uncle Bob advises me that I am a little behind in my e-mail. Frankly, I am way behind since most of the items have no urgent news and I am just sharing them to spread the enjoyment to other folks who may also enjoy them. As a matter of a fact, I have over two thousand unread messages in each account.

Conversations that pass between myself and a few other folks get copied into word files I have for each friend or family member. Then I can finally delete a completed conversation. Family photos or poetry have their own folders, so after looking at and probably copying the contents onto the computer, they go into their folders.

About once in two or so months I go to the Hotmail account and begin to forward as many of the scenic or animal related e-mails as Hotmail will allow me to forward in one day (perhaps 20??) and usually I finish up the batch (when I reach previously forwarded ones I know I am done for this session). Once in awhile someone gets a full batch and sends me some panicky request to stop sending them as they can’t keep up. ???? What is to keep up with? The reader need only read one now and then and finally delete or pass along if they choose to do so since I only send these out once in awhile. But mayhap I simply do not understand that other individuals simply read everything they get at one time and delete to keep their e-mail accounts free of clutter. No doubt Yahoo and Hotmail would like it if I were that good a housekeeper in e-mail. While we all know that someone between our send key and the recipient’s in-box reads our mail but so far I don’t think there are any e-mail police sending us messages that our in-boxes need emptying out of the accumulation of messages. All the old e-mail carriers used to have limits on what one could collect, but that does seem to be history. Alas, deleting contents and keeping an empty in-box leaves this Mother Hubbard a bit puzzled.


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