Two wrongs just don’t seem to add up to a right.

scale of justice2

The warrior king of Jordan immediately retaliated for the horrific murder of one of their pilots by ISIS maniacs by hanging two prisoners who have been detained in jail for some time as possible trades to get their pilot back, when they were sent a film of the death of the pilot.   Jordan has since done continuous air strikes bombing ISIS strongholds and believe they wiped out twenty per cent of the ISIS stronghold.

While it does seem that the tactics are much more effective than our economic sanctions, and much more clearly understood, certainly a show of strength for Jordan and perhaps a sigh of relief for the rest of the world, I have a sense that violence simply begets more violence and like the bomb that was supposed to end all wars, it really did not do that. What is really accomplished? Perhaps as some of the journalism suggested, this is a wake- up call for the ruthless and apparently amoral killers. I’m guessing that remains to be seen.

These punishments cannot bring back the beloved dead, those who were so determined to serve the good of mankind and were slaughtered in the primes of their lives. Does it really avenge the losses sustained by the families and friends of those who suffered and died?


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