Upon this rock I build my house.


If you take a group of boxes and stack them up, then pull one near the bottom out, the stack may tumble down. Today we are removing oil sideways from the ground, as deeply as 2 miles beneath the surface. We are also talking about pulling water from underground as we use up the supply above the ground and deplete the water table just under the surface.

Do we expect the vacuum left to hold up the soil and rock, roads, houses above ground? Is it really a surprise that in the last decade there have been increasing numbers and sizes of sinkholes – some so large as to have swallowed homes and become the graves of people inside the homes.

Contractors have a way of building houses where they really should not due to the precarious, but beautiful landscape. A geology teacher at Foothill Junior College in Los Altos Hills, California suggested, call the U.S. Geological Service for an analysis of the ground you plan to build on, since buying a house may be the largest investment most of us will ever make. It would be worth the cost of the fee to give the buyer second thoughts about building on sand or unstable ground.


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