Thou shalt not kill!

A group of words become an adage when their meaning continues to ring true over a long period of time. Only the good die young is a saying that reminds me of such people in our time as John and Robert Kennedy and Martin L. King, the astronauts who died during the aborted flight of the Challenger and many others.

Early Christians were sacrificed in the name of entertainment killed either by gladiators or wild beasts. Terrorists commit one atrocity after another in an effort to hold the civilized world at bay with their violence. A school full of young children is emptied of the students, ruthlessly gunned down by grown men filled with hatred in Pakistan, twelve people in Paris are murdered, an assortment of people from a range of different countries who work selflessly for the good of other people are abducted and their pictures brandished before cameras to taunt the free world, and then those individuals have, each in turn been beheaded.

Modern Martyrs

I weep for innocent souls

slain by amoral brutes in the

name of political issues.

Think of the debt of the damned

when the cruelty they have exacted

so unjustly comes to claim payment

for their sins.

Too late too late will it be for the ones

who, without an iota of mercy or compassion

ruthlessly murder good people.

At first the victims of the blood thirsty villains seemed intent on snatching people from America and Brittan, but now they have expanded their reach to include Pakistan, France, Japan and Jordan. Perhaps these people never heard that those who live by the sword, die by the sword.


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