Junk mail to feed the shredder


Shortly after I deposited my half of the money from the sale of our house in California into a bank account, I began receiving marketing material from AARP. They must have decided that anyone who put a few bucks into the bank and left it there must be retired. It was annoying and I threw away the ads and all of the applications for their expensive services and their magazine. Withdrawing most of the money to put a down payment on a house, two moves and thirty-three years later they still did not get it that I do not wish to subscribe to their services and they continue to bombard me with their regular sheaves of material.

While people I had wanted to keep in touch with either got their mail returned to them a few months after one change of address, or I have somehow lost over the years, these annoying advertising materials have followed me with no problem from city to city, address to address.

Another equally persistent marketing company is triple A. Not satisfied with the small amount of business I have given them for roadside assistance, over the decades, they somehow decided that they might squeeze more money out of me with their life insurance policy, all pre-approved of course, no matter my age.

Another company peddling life insurance and filling my mail box year after year with thick parcels of ads and applications is Mutual of Omaha. Where did they even get my name and address?

More currently Time Warner keeps trying to lure me into their audience with letter after letter, at least once a week.

All of these and other unwanted and tiresome ads go into the shredder, unopened.


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