There’s a dinosaur on your bow tie


One of the traits of highly successful people seems to be that they are single-minded. Very focused on their field of interest and they are not easily side-tracked. The podiatrist I have been going to for the last few years is just such a person. He can think of all sorts of things he could do to improve the appearance and no doubt the health of my very arthritic feet and he has told me, pointing to the x-ray how he could just cut along here and…but he is very sensitive, too about how people are reacting to what he is saying and as soon as he detects the increase in my level of tension, his voice trails off.

He scheduled a brief visit for me to have a consultation on the matter of a protrusion at the base of a great toe joint. He took another x-ray and said, we would just talk about it and think about it. I did come in and sit down, jacket and cap still on for quick get-away, I joked with his assistant.

He clipped the two year old x-ray on the lighted board and next to it the current one and pointed out that the already narrow two years ago space between the joints had diminished and that the protrusion at the base of the great toe joint is a spur. He pointed out other spurs as well.

I said I liked his cute dinosaur bow tie and he nodded, saying yes, today I wore my dinosaurs and without skipping a beat he was back on topic, pointing out that while I am not in pain and am doing okay, it is just something to think about.

One of my father’s many old sayings was, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Sounds good to me. I thanked the doctor of my feet for his time and expertise and scooted out of there breathing a sigh of relief.


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