The road not taken today


The road today is covered with snow but my boots still have some mud on them from the last time I trudged along its furrowed lane – a road worn through a swath of weeds and grasses by vehicles over some years, but I’ve never seen a person when I’ve ambled along the tire tracks. A deer and a few wild turkeys and evidence of human presence in trash that should have been recycled – nothing small – but large metal framework from a once useful piece of equipment, and even further down the mud path something I never gave further thought to after seeing streets broken apart, large chunks of what had been an asphalt road.

I’ve taken photos of the trees there in the autumn and spring daisies – there are tall pampas grasses where rain water puddles. Eventually the road leads to an enormous hillside of ground pushed in place by a bulldozer and there are other trails heading to the left and right. Beyond the stands of trees on either side of the main road various office buildings are within sight.

While I have not seen any for sale signs along the scruffy edges of the property, I suppose it is only a matter of time before this lovely and somewhat obscure mass of weeds and trees is lost to progress in some money making scheme of the future.


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