I am Charlie

CharbWhen the noon news starts repeating day old information, or the long advertisements become too annoying, or when the focus seems to linger on sports, I usually switch to channel 49-3 to listen to the Euromax broadcast of the day.

Today France 24 was on instead of the usual programing and the story was that three terrorists stormed the offices of a well-known irreverent tabloid in Paris named Charlie Hebdo, which regularly runs political satire and cartoons, some bordering on vulgar. Ten journalists and two policemen were murdered including the editor of the paper and other well-known cartoonists.

This continued act of cowardly violence by terrorists against unarmed, so called soft targets is disgusting. Groups of people re-acting in anger and shock to the news, in France and elsewhere are crowding streets waving small black signs with the white letters: Je suis Charlie (I am Charlie).

On December 16, 2014, Taliban terrorists systematically murdered 132 innocent children and their teachers at a military run school in Peshawar, Pakistan – again, the helpless and defenseless target of a group so brainwashed to commit such heinous crimes.

What can the rest of the civilized world do to safeguard their soft targets from such appalling invasions?


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