Fleeting moments

gcatlasA fleeting moment escaped while the sand in the hourglass swiftly sinks to the bottom of the time piece.

Thanksgiving with its peaceful joy and the warmth of family sharing a meal, quiet laughter and the exchange of ideas in conversation, along with pumpkin pie, the slightly icy roads going back home seem so far behind us already.

Even Christmas, only a week in the past is already a blur of memories, the office Christmas luncheon with excellent food and a beer called “Festivus” at a downtown microbrewery, the extended family celebration, a little quieter this year since fewer young people came, the intensity we shared over salmon patties and other delectables was palpable. The gift exchanges and photographs, hilarity and visiting friends narrowed down to the hour of Midnight Mass and the awe of the service, the singing, the wealth of poinsettias filling the church, all slipped away like the sand in the hourglass.

The first day of 2015 is now history as well. Was it really fifteen years ago the whole world was waiting for the onset of Year 2000 – Y2K as we all referred to it, holding our collective breaths that the computers would seamlessly transition from the old millennium to the new one?


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